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CryptoGames! The future of the Gaming Industry!

Since I joined this crypto world I’ve been hearing a lot about blockchain-based games!

CryptoKitties on ETH opened the door to a wide range of blockchain based games! The revolution is just starting! In a span of 1-2 years, we already have awesome games like @drugwars@steemmonsters@eosknights, CryptoZombies, My Crypto Heroes and HyperDragons!

All of these games come from non-financed developers! Most of these games were done as a hobby! Imagine what a team of professionals could do with the right funds! Imagine if EA, Ubisoft, ArenaNet, Blizzard, etc… came to the blockchain space and actually created a blockchain-based game with a good amount of funding! The possibilities!

Fusing blockchain with games will allow new markets to open up! A market where you actually own pieces of the game! Imagine, you kill an NPC(non-player-character) and the item that drops is a legendary unique sword! A sword that only 50 exist with a weekly increase of 1! The rarity and the demand for that sword would be huge! And it was actually yours! You could sell it for STEEM for example, and get money for it!

Or even better! Imagine if you could own parts of the land and rent those parts to other players or groups! You could actually earn passive income just by renting pieces of digital game land! Just like you would do in real life! Digital-Landlords?!

Do you think this is way too far fetched?! It isn’t! It already happened some years ago! Before blockchain was around! In a game called Entropia!

Entropia Universe is a massively multiplayer online virtual universe! Where people can buy and own land, they can build on their land whatever they want and earn money off of it! Let me give you a real example! Neverdie was an Entropia Universe player that bought a space station, he built a casino and shopping on that station and changed the name of the station to Club Neverdie! Each time someone made a purchase on that station he would gain a little amount of money in fees! When the game was massively played he was making 200.000$ per year! Just for owning that station! And is just one example from many just in the Entropia Universe! Watch thisyoutube clip to see the top examples!

All of this happened before blockchain, in 2003! Before this whole revolution started! With blockchain, this whole digital game market would become a lot easier and more fluid! Instead of using game-illegal shady third-party websites to trade we would be using cryptos and smart contracts! We would have a digital exchange just for game-items! We would be getting passive crypto income out of renting a space station in the game! Or maybe renting a legendary sword!

Being a non-pro gamer could actually become a job! Where people farmed for items and sold those items for crypto! Just like those WoW Chinese farmers did some years back!

For the people that can’t remember or don’t know, when World of Warcraft first came out there were hundreds of Chinese farmers that did the same exact thing day in and day out just to farm gold! That gold would then be sold for actual cash via a third party website! It was against the rules of the game but it was very profitable!

Brock Pierce, one of the most widely known crypto enthusiasts and EOS-enthusiast started his entrepreneur career in this space! He created Internet Gaming Entertainment (IGE), a company that paid in-game farmers to farm items that would, in the end, be sold for real-life cash! This company was then later sold to another crypto enthusiast, early miner, and COO of the crypto WAX Jonathan Yantis!

At this moment in time, it’s calculated that billions of dollars are traded in in-game items markets per year! Imagine what will happen when blockchain makes this whole market more fluid! Imagine all of this money flowing into the crypto market! The use-cases that we will get! Imagine owning planets, countries, ships, houses, cars, armies in-game! Imagine being paid for helping someone in Dark Souls! Imagine renting your planet to an evil Space Galactic Corporation that is fighting an Alien Federation of United-planets! Imagine getting paid by the alien federation to “evict” the Space Galactic Corporation from your planet!

Of course, these “rents” would have to have a smart contract associated with them, in that Smart contract they could have a prevent “eviction” mechanism or at least have an X number of days warning period before the eviction actually happens! You would be a true digital-landlord!

It will be a revolution! It will bring lots of use cases! It will create jobs and markets! It will make the whole financial gaming system better! It will make games more enjoyable! More treacherous but also more fun!

Imagine players actually entering guilds and corporations, going up the guild ladder, helping out the members and getting rewarded for doing this! Or maybe they are going up the ladder to find out where the “deed” to the Guild’s Castle is… in order to steal it! Or maybe to find out who the true owner of the castle is! In order to blackmail or coherence him to betray the guild!

The possibilities of blockchain based-games are endless! People that don’t understand how great it will be to own a piece of digital data won’t understand this! Steemmonster? DrugWars? Those are both great games, but the true power of blockchain based games is vastly superior to that!

One of the main reasons I changed degree from Veterinary Medicine to computer science is, among other things, because I want to build blockchain-based games! I know that this will be the future of gaming! We will finally have some sort of evolution in the gaming industry! We haven’t had any in years! The only “evolution” we had in the last couple of years in the gaming industry is the stupid MOBAs and the damn Battle-Royales… Which I’m freaking tired of!

We already have some good smart and hardworking developers joining the space, I would advise anyone to go look at @edicted blog about drugwars and how they could make the whole battle system better!! And this is only the beggining, when the development of games starts to shift from the old system to the new system that is when this whole space will get crazy!

Just wanted to end by saying that, in my opinion, we got some gaming cryptos that we should pay attention to:

  • Enjin – Known for creating forums for almost every game around, it already has a huge userbase that can shill their crypto, also has a Minecraft plug-in and is working on a ARK plugin!
  • EOS – Activision Alums Raise $16 Million to Build EOS-Focused Blockchain Game Studio!
  • STEEM – Of course! We lack development and dapps, but we have something that is probably the best weapon in the armory for blockchain based-games! A freaking strong crypto community that adopts and uses every game! Marketing inside the crypto space! Enjin has the userbase but they aren’t crypto-users! We are… One single shill from the top authors of STEEM and a game is pushed in a few hours to the top of most used dapps!

I’ll also keep an eye on ETH, NAGA and just found out about WAX because of this post, so I’ll have to do my own research about it…


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Machine Learning and exchanges Mon, 16 Sep 2019 21:25:48 +0000 We, humans, are amazing, we truly are! Our brain works more or less like a computer, you feed it data it solves the issue and an answer comes out...

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We, humans, are amazing, we truly are! Our brain works more or less like a computer, you feed it data it solves the issue and an answer comes out… There is just one difference between computers and humans that makes humans far better. Computers don’t learn and become more efficient… Or at least they didn’t.

Machine learning, the path to the future, the path to true Artificial Intelligence! With Machine Learning computers become more efficient at solving issues with each data that someone feeds them. With each passing moment, they become more and more efficient at solving the issues they were designed to solve.


Machine Learning tech is the most basic form of artificial intelligence (AI), just like blockchain, it’s a tech that is developing at a fast pace and is spreading far and wide! Healthcare, self-driving, spying, gambling, trading, war… Machine Learning is starting to tackle all the issues we have in our society, with each passing moment it becomes faster, better and able to predict what is going to happen minutes, hours sometimes days! before it happens.

But why am I talking about this? Well, because machine learning is being used in one of my favorite exchanges, OceanEx.



OceanEx is the main exchange for the VeChain ecosystem, one of my favorite ecosystems, all the VeChain projects seem to have what I love in cryptos, cashflow! Cashflow that pumps the tokens 24/7… Once all the gears start to move I’m sure the VeChain ecosystem is going to be one of the top ecosystems in cryptos… Cashflow is king!

OceanEx security system is one of the top anti-hack systems I’ve seen so far, why? Because they use machine learning, AI, to increase the exchange’s security to levels never seen before!

With OceanBrain they are able to monitor mass amounts of transactions and can pinpoint bad actors easily and fast. This decreases the probability of a hacking attempt by a lot and decreases the likelihood of the hacking attempt to succeed. But what if they succeed?


Well, OceanBrain has that figure out too! By feeding the AI with lots and lots of data OceanBrain can predict trading trends, with this information OceanBrain can predict the least amount of crypto to have in the hot wallet to allow trading. In the case of a hack, the hacker gets low amounts of cryptos because the only cryptos in the hot wallet were the ones to allow the trading and not the whole exchange’s portfolio! Only a crazy hacker would take this high-risk low-reward bet.

Incredible isn’t it?


I’m very excited to see what AI is going to tackle in the future, especially in the healthcare sector… Imagine AI plus those crazy surgical machines, humans would stop being needed, the AI would be able to do the surgery much faster and better than any human doctor!

Protein creation done by AI, graphene creation done by AI, our society will become faster, better, healthier, AI will be a great field to invest in, I can’t wait to meet our new AI overlords…

OceanEx Referral

OceanEx has a token too, called OCE, but so far I haven’t seen enough attractive things that make me want to diversify into it… maybe in the future when more features come out I’ll make a post about it.


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Escudo Real – A tribe for the Portuguese-speaking community Sun, 15 Sep 2019 14:12:21 +0000 Escudo Real is a tribe for the Portuguese-speaking community.

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  • Escudo Real is a tribe for the Portuguese-speaking community.
  • The Escudo Real token is already issued on Steem-Engine with the acronym PTBR with a max. 1B supply of tokens.
  • – Official tribe website (yet to be released)
  • PTBR on Steem-Engine:


    We are pleased to officially announce the creation of the Escudo Real, a tribe for the Portuguese-speaking community.

    The Escudo Real was created with the objective of connecting all Portuguese-speaking speakers worldwide in one platform.
    The token was created on Steem-Engine with the acronym PTBR, with a max. Supply of 1 Billion token.


    Roadmap tribe
    Roadmap Escudo Real
    • Integration with Scotbot
    • Token Issuance and Distribution
    • Nitrous platform on the website

    What kind of content can be published to the nitrous platform in the future?

    All articles created in Portuguese, regardless of subject.

    What tag will be used to filter articles on the platform?

    • Tag #pt or #ptbr

    Official Accounts

    • 2 accounts have been created for the Royal Shield:
      @escudoreal – official account
      @pide – for moderation


    Team Tribe Escudo Real

    The Royal Shield team currently consists of 3 admins (@portugalcoin, @aleister and @pedromonteiro). A team of moderators will be created shortly, up to a maximum of 5 elements.

    Moderators will be responsible for voting (or downgrading) any articles that fall within the community’s parameters or not.

    The @pide account was created to moderate articles that are not within the community parameters, with the main action downvote.

    Future Integrations

    Integrations Escudo Real
    • Scotbot – Integration with ScotBot is essential for platform operation and token distribution. It has a cost of 1000 STEEM.
    • Nitrous Platform – A fork of the Steemit site. It has a cost of 1000 STEEM
    • Miners – One of the possible integrations and the creation of mining tokens.


    Invest Tribe Escudo Real

    As the amount to be invested in the various integrations is quite high, it is necessary to raise investors. In this mode we are looking for investors to be able to complete goals and get this project going.

    If you liked the idea of this project, you want to help and can’t invest?

    • Contact us and tell us how you can help. All help is welcome!

    You can contact us by Telegram or Discord

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    Token network to build ecommerce protocol using Nuls Chain Factory. Sat, 14 Sep 2019 08:54:30 +0000 Token Network is an open source eCommerce blockchain that will be using Nuls Chain factory to build our own blockchain solution for ecommerce industry.

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    Token Network is an open source eCommerce blockchain that will be using Nuls Chain factory to build our own blockchain solution for ecommerce industry. Token Network is about a 2-year long project that went through various customer validations and refining the need of blockchain in the traditional eCommerce business.

    We initially thought of building our own chain from the ground up, however while doing our research and development of the project, we came across Nuls. We immediately decided to switch to this modular blockchain infrastructure as this will enable us to reduce our development and also to push the blockchain to market much earlier than we initially had planned. Since Q1of 2019 we have been working with some of our core team members as well as the wider Nuls community.

    Token Network was privileged to be part of Nuls 2.0 Alpha test environment and this gave us the opportunity to be one of the early adopters of the chain factory and we are looking to build out token network blockchain with initial business modules by Q1 of 2020.

    Some of the problems token network is solving:

    • Counterfeit goods

    • Expensive and long payment processes

    • Needless middlemen

    • Avoidable fees

    • Cross-border trading governance streamlined

    • Trust and reputation-building

    Why token network chooses Nuls?

    One of the reasons in selecting Nuls over other platforms was the easy to use mechanism to build a blockchain and to spin off our own custom modules to make the blockchain network suitable for eCommerce business. Secondly, we received a lot of support from the core team of Nuls as well as the wider community of Nuls and thus we continue to build our project using Nuls.


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    The World’s Economy Is Shaking! ECB, Trump, Brexit! Fri, 13 Sep 2019 19:01:51 +0000 Europe, the US, I think most of the world has been experiencing some crazy turbulence lately! There are so many geopolitical and economic issues at the moment that is hard to even name them all!

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    The world’s Economy is shaking!

    Europe, the US, I think most of the world has been experiencing some crazy turbulence lately! There are so many geopolitical and economic issues at the moment that is hard to even name them all!

    First, the interest rate!

    All throughout Europe, the interest rates have been set at negative for some time, but it seems that not even this is preventing a recession, Germany, for example, has been having negative growth for some months, Germany is one of the strongest European economies, if Germany went under the rest of Europe would go under.

    Seeing this, the European Central Bank (ECB) is pulling out one of their guns, they are cutting interest rates… Again! Down to minus 0.5%. What this means is that any wealthy person or company can now ask for a loan and have a portion of the loan paid! This is intended to stimulate the economy, if big companies ask for loans and use them to expand their businesses this will stimulate the economy.

    Second, Quantitative easing

    The European Central Bank now wants to pull another gun out… Quantitative easing starting on November 1st! This is probably the biggest and baddest gun the ECB has. Quantitative easing is basically the ECB printing money out of thin air and buying up securities… This is intended to stimulate the economy, by buying up securities maybe the governments and companies can expand and grow faster. Not only this but it improves exports by devaluing the Euro.

    Both of these measures, quantitative easing and interest rate cuts, are a huge blow to the normal saver that stores their value in Euros, this is because when both these measures are applied their Euros will lose value day in and day out, amazing right?! Well, if both measures work at least they will have a couple more years with their jobs, until the next explosion… One hundread misses and one hit is still one hit…

    Third, Trump…

    I’m not American but I know more or less how things work over there with their Central Bank. The government and the Fed are supposedly separated from one another, the government can scream, cry, shout, the fed does whatever the Fed wants. But is this really true?

    Well, at the moment the Fed doesn’t know if they are going to cut interest rates or not, but Trump is heavily pushing for it, and is influencing the whole economy to force it! His tweets and twaats influence the SP500 quite a lot, he is either bashing the Fed, making investors lose trust in the Fed, or he is bashing the Chinese and putting tariffs on them, which further shakes the world’s economy. This, might not have a direct effect on the Fed, but it has a direct effect on the World’s economy, making it so the Fed is almost pushed to do the same things the ECB is doing…

    And Trump would love it if the Fed did the same things the ECB is doing… he is a big wealthy guy that likes to take out loans that he can’t pay! With interest rate cuts it would just make him take out even more loans that he would end up not paying…

    Fourth, Brexit…

    Yup, Brexit isn’t helping this at all. They wanted the Eurozone to let them leave with a good deal on the table, better yet, a good deal just for them on the table, what were they thinking? That leaving the Euro wouldn’t have any repercussions? That they could just do it and keep all the benefits without any of the disadvantages?! They already had a great deal on the table! They kept their own coin… but they wanted it all.

    I feel bad actually, because I’ve seen the stats, I’ve talked to people from the UK and they all tell me the same thing, most of the people that voted for Brexit were part of the old generation, a generation that is not able to distinguish between fake information and good information, a pre-internet generation that was influenced by news and by Cambridge Analytica’s A.I. And now the young generation, the future generation is going to have to pay for it!

    But all of this is good for Cryptocurrencies!

    Yup, with currencies devaluing, with interest rate cuts, with turmoil in some countries, with authoritarian regimes in other countries, this is all good for the alternative economy that is cryptocurrencies! But I’m actually afraid at the same time…

    I fear the day that the fiat bubble bursts, we are talking about billions of people, millions of households, thousands of companies, hundreds of countries going under! What do you think will happen? What do you think will happen when people lose their jobs, when people lose their savings, when people lose all hope, all dreams, when people get inside the vortex of depression, the vortex of recession?


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    Energy in Blockchain and Technology Wed, 11 Sep 2019 13:31:26 +0000 Pollution, greenhouse gases, global warming, fossil fuels, meat consumption, hole in the ozone layer, so many!

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    Energy, blockchain, tech…
    earth blockchain

    Pollution, greenhouse gases, global warming, fossil fuels, meat consumption, hole in the ozone layer, so many! So many different factors and issues that Millenials have to deal with! So many things I and my generation need to concern ourselves with… and there isn’t even a consensus of opinion about the topic because of so much misinformation, propaganda, no fact checking and lack of foresight to see that technology evolves and things get more efficient!

    Some people don’t believe in global warming, some people believe in it, some people think renewable energy sources are the fix, some people think renewable energy sources aren’t the fix, some people get shitty statistics from the internet, some people don’t… well, I’m not here to discuss any of this, people go crazy over this stuff! Just look at Bitcoin and all the other PoW coins we got out there… people go crazy over PoW energy consumption…

    bitcoin blockchain

    Bitcoin’s Proof-of-work (PoW) is very energy dependent, miners consume large amounts of energy trying to solve complicated math problems trying to find the next block in the blockchain, the first that solves the problem gets to produce the block and mine it, getting Bitcoin in return. A large portion of that energy is “wasted” because only one out of all the miners gets to produce the block, so the rest of the miners wasted energy away for nothing… But is it for nothing?

    PoW works in a way that the energy spent solving those complicated math problems keeps the chain secure, keeps the chain 51% proof, is this the best way? Well, I would say that it isn’t the best way, but it sure prevents a 51% attack, the incentive structure prevents any attack from any bad actor…

    A better way, in my opinion, and this is just an opinion, no one truly knows, would be with PoS, DPoS or a mix of PoW with PoS with chain-lock like Dash has. But no one truly knows, PoW should be given a chance!

    computers blockchain

    We are talking about a whole financial system running on a blockchain, we are talking about owning our own money, we are talking about freedom from the government and financial liberty in the case anything goes wrong, of course, this system is going to spend lots of energy… it’s a revolutionary system! A revolutionary system that not many understand, especially the “older generation”…

    “It’s to energy-wasting”, “It’s causing global warming”, “It wastes lots of energy for nothing”, “You guys are ruining the world!” “It wastes as much energy as Manhattan” “Ban it!” – These are the sort of things any cryptocurrency enthusiast hears from the the non enthusiasts, these are valid assumptions, but they are also wrong!

    solar blockchain

    Studies say 70% of the mining is done through renewable energy sources, I’m not sure if it’s 70% but I’m sure capitalism’s competitiveness makes it so a large portion is done through renewable energy sources. If this is, in fact, true then Bitcoin mining is driving demand for renewable sources, making it so the renewable energy sources sector gets huge funding from Bitcoin miners, effectively having more money to spend on improving those techs to brake the Shockley-Queisser limit. And it’s not like Bitcoin mining is the only thing spending lots of energy! There are far more energy spending things in this world…

    Creating fiat money wastes lots of energy, maybe we should ban fiat… Mining gold from the ground spends lots of energy too! Maybe we should ban gold, oh wait, the US did that in the 30s stealing gold from every citizen (Try to do that with Bitcoin and you won’t have any chance US, it’s all digital and encrypted!) Cars spend lots of energy too, maybe we should ban them and start walking our sorry asses from city to city. Oh wait, computers spend lots of energy too, and the internet with their huge data centers also spend lots of energy! And it’s only going to increase… China internet data sector is supposedly going to increase their power consumption by two-thirds by 2023, this will delay their plans to decrease smog and carbon emissions, maybe we should ban data centers from the world?

    social networks block

    Turn off Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, Netflix, Google? Go back to the stone age where we bash stones against each other? Or maybe the dark ages where the only light we had was candlelight! Or maybe not even that… candles are too environmentally damaging, let’s go with moonlight… No? You don’t want this? Me neither, I approve the expansion of data centers because it’s something needed!

    There is a huge difference between needing and wasting, and that’s what the naysayers don’t get, most naysayers don’t understand why we need cryptocurrencies because they are mostly from developed countries with “more or less” stable economies! So, to them, this is wasting energy, because they don’t understand what is like living in a country with extremely high inflation and an unending depression/recession, living without any alternative to their national fiat coin… they don’t understand why we need cryptocurrencies, why we need an alternative system to our current financial system, and if they had their way we would be screwed if/when the whole world’s economy goes under, because we wouldn’t have any safe-haven to store our value!

    energy blockchain

    Regardless of this, energy spending is only going to keep increasing world-wide with better techs and the expansion of technology, we don’t need to stop technology, we need to embrace it and make our energy production and consumption more efficient!

    Renewable and nuclear are both great energy sources that can shift the world into low CO2 consumption if done right. They might be a great investment for the next couple of decades. Uranium mining companies like Energy Fuels, Cameco, NexGen Energy, Uranium Participation for example.

    Nuclear is the centralized energy production of the future, it’s bigger, produces lots of energy, but it’s also prone to attacks. It is very hazardous if good precautions aren’t in place, but if everything goes smoothly (which normally does) it is the best and most efficient centralized energy production humans have. I’ve also seen some studies mentioning that if we rely on it too much it might cause desertification of the lands prompted by the increased water temperatures that run through the reactor, I think this is what is happening in France… and that’s why we need to mix it up with renewable energy sources!

    earth blockchain

    Renewable is the decentralized way of producing energy, it’s smaller, produces less energy, but because everyone can do it it’s a lot more decentralized and less prone to attacks. A combination of both is what, in my honest opinion, is the future…

    A centralized and decentralized system where we get central nuclear energy production and a renewable energy production grid where everyone can be a producer, everyone can be a consumer, everyone can be a prosumer(consumer+producer), this is what cryptos like MWAT are trying to do…

    MWAT is a cryptocurrency launched by RED one of the biggest and fastest-growing energy companies in Romania, MWAT aims to remove intermediaries from the energy industry effectively connecting producers and consumers directly and allowing energy trading, democratization and staking for energy rewards. The only thing producers need are small pieces of hardware to count their energy production, a combination of hardware and blockchain is always good! And this crypto might be a great buy for a long-term hodl. I’ll talk about it in more detail in the future.


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    Nuls 2.0 Tue, 10 Sep 2019 20:09:27 +0000 Initialized on September 27, 2017, NULS is a global open-source and community-driven project whose main network was launched in July 2018.

    The post Nuls 2.0 appeared first on Steemit Portugal.

    Initialized on September 27, 2017, NULS is a global open-source and community-driven project whose main network was launched in July 2018. Since its establishment, NULS has maintained its commitment to making the blockchain easy and simple. To facilitate this, NULS has adopted a modular approach with version NULS1.0, to include a chain-building process alongside a multi-chain and cross-chain ecosystem.

    nuls cryptocurrency

    Regarding the modularity of NULS 1.0, there was still room for improvement. In order to further loosen the coupling between modules and lay a solid foundation for chain-building and cross-chain, NULS core team and NULS CCC (NULS Code Craft Council) members creatively combined the micro-service architecture with the blockchain to design a brand new NULS 2.0 architecture.

    1. NULS 2.0 Modular Chain-building

    1.1. Layered Design

    For the majority of enterprises with chain-building requirements, they prefer to use blockchain technology to settle the business problems rather than invest too much in the underlying development, just like most common systems. So NULS has adopted a layered design to separate the business layer from the bottom layer to enable enterprises to focus on their own business development when building a chain.

    nuls cryptocurrency

    To optimize the modularity and realize the complete independence of modules, and improve the customization degree of enterprises in chain-building, NULS has introduced the micro-service architecture in the layered design.

    With the micro-service architecture, enterprises can just focus on business development. Moreover, NULS provides basic service libraries for each individual service module to handle basic issues such as communication between modules, which can further lower the development cost and simplify the development.

    The layered design of NULS consists of three layers, namely micro-service infrastructure layer, blockchain basic service layer and DAPP application layer.

    1.2. Micro-service Infrastructure Layer

    As the core of NULS 2.0, the first micro-service infrastructure layer is called NULSTAR. It is a blockchain micro-service underlying framework, mainly used to realize service discovery, service registration, service communication and other functions required by the microservice architecture.

    nuls cryptocurrency

    For the enterprises with the preference to build a chain based on micro-service architecture, they can directly develop the blockchain on NULSTAR with no need to care about the underlying development.

    In order to reduce the chain-building workload for enterprises, NULSTAR also features many common functions such as reports, authorizations, updaters, translators, etc. In this way, the enterprises can directly use the built-in functions provided by NULSTAR, and do not need to develop them by themselves.

    1.3. Blockchain Basic Service Layer

    The second layer of NULS2.0 is the blockchain basic service layer. In this layer, NULS divides the blockchain system into different modules based on the micro-service architecture, which are mainly the general module and business module.

    The general module is the core module required for all blockchains, including network module, ledger module, account module, transaction module, consensus module and block management module. The business module is developed by enterprises according to their specific business requirements.

    When building a chain in the modular way provided by NULS, the enterprises only need to select the general module from the NULS module repository to build a basic chain, and then integrate the own business module with the basic chain.

    The micro-service architecture adopted by NULS further improves the independence of modules. There is no code dependency between modules, and each module can be independently deployed and serve the external systems.

    This is of great commercial value to the enterprises using NULS for modular chain-building. The business of large-scale enterprises is often very complex. So it is essential to split the business to reduce the complexity of the system and facilitate the maintenance. Building a chain based on NULS makes this process much easier. When there is a need to iterate the blockchain, the enterprise only needs to develop the corresponding module and then replace the original one, which will not have any impact on other modules so that the stability of the system can be ensured. As for new business functions, the enterprise can just develop new business modules and then add them to the system, which is very simple and can help reduce operating costs. In addition, there is no restriction for development language in NULS, so the enterprise can use any language for business module development.

    In cases where the enterprise wants to customize the blockchain with the consensus mechanism different from NULS, this is also easy. They can simply develop their own consensus module to replace the consensus module provided by NULS. Compared with other chain-building projects, NULS won’t limit the enterprise to use the same consensus mechanism, which makes it truly highly flexible, achieving the most optimal customization.

    1.4. DAPP Application Layer

    To help enterprises build their own blockchain ecosystem, NULS 2.0 also designs the third layer — a DAPP application layer.

    nuls cryptocurrency

    Developers who want to develop DAPPs on the blockchain based on NULS can connect to the blockchain through the interface provided by the connector in NULSTAR, and then easily obtain various services. In addition, NULS will also provide the basic application library for DAPPs in the third layer to help developers deal with network messages and communication protocols, etc., so that developers can focus more on the DAPP’s business development and further reduce the development cost of DAPPs.

    2. One-click Chain-building

    NULS believes that there is an increasing need for enterprises to use blockchains to solve their own business problems in the future. Although the modular chain-building in NULS 2.0 can greatly reduce the corresponding cost of the enterprise, the development of business modules is still a must. For small and medium-sized enterprises with tight funds and weak technical strength, there are still many difficulties. In order to accelerate the implementation of blockchain application and help enterprises solve the problems of difficult chain-building and high costs, NULS hopes to realize “one-click chain-building” through the graphical interface provided by the core product Chain Factory.

    nuls cryptocurrency

    Chain Factory is implemented based on the NULS module repository, which is jointly maintained by the NULS core team and the NULS technical community with built-in basic modules developed by NULS. Other developers can also participate in the development of the modules by submitting the developed work to the code repository. After passing the review, the module can be included in the module repository for public use. With the continuous improvement of the module repository, NULS will supply more general modules and business modules, and will become a basic development library applicable to different industries, providing complete blockchain solutions for even more enterprises.

    The Chain Factory itself is a blockchain, in which the nodes can run multiple chains at the same time. In this way, the blockchain built through the Chain Factory can directly run on the nodes of the Chain Factory, which saves the trouble of setting up the operation environment of the blockchain node and greatly reduces the cost.

    nuls cryptocurrency

    Chain-building can be realized through Chain Factory with only four simple steps:

    1. Select the required modules in the module repository of the Chain Factory;

    2. Configure the basic system parameters and fill in the information of the genesis block;

    3. Fill in the chain introduction and chain running method, such as the main purpose of the chain, whether to run it directly on the node of the Chain Factory;

    4. Pay a deposit and broadcast a chain-building transaction, after the confirmation of the transaction, the new chain will be built successfully.

    If you choose to directly use the Chain Factory node to run your blockchain, the node will determine whether the module you selected already exists. If not, it will be downloaded from the module repository first. At this point, your chain will run automatically. Of course, you can also choose to set up your own nodes to run your blockchain.

    Through the graphical interface provided by the Chain Factory, enterprises and developers only need to go through a simple configuration to build a chain with ease and efficiency, leading to significant cost and time savings. The “one-click chain-building” of the Chain Factory will speed up the implementation of blockchain commercial applications, allowing us to envision the function of multi-chain parallels.

    3. NULS Cross-chain Ecosystem

    In the future, there will be more and more blockchains, so it will be a must to realize the intercommunication between chains and make the value and data circulate. In order to achieve this goal, NULS provides its own cross-chain solution.

    3.1. NULS Cross-chain Solution

    NULS cross-chain is based on the NULS main network, where all blockchains only communicate with NULS main network. The verification of the transaction is performed by the NULS main network and each parallel chain trusts the verification results.

    nuls cryptocurrency

    Blockchains developed based on NULS can directly select the cross-chain module provided by NULS and integrate it into the system to utilize the cross-chain function. The NULS cross-chain module implements the NULS cross-chain protocol, which can easily communicate with the main network, and then transfer assets to other parallel chains through the NULS main network.

    For Ethereum, Bitcoin and other public chains that are not affected by NULS, NULS provides a common protocol conversion layer to enable them to communicate with the blockchain in the NULS ecosystem. The protocol conversion layer can communicate with public chains such as Ethereum and NULS main network as well, which realizes the intercommunication with other parallel chains in the NULS ecosystem in an indirect way.

    3.2. Formation of Cross-chain Ecosystem

    Due to the micro-service architecture, the blockchain built on NULS can easily utilize the cross-chain function by directly adding the cross-chain module with built-in NULS cross-chain protocol, and perform value and data intercommunication with other parallel chains.

    The NULS protocol conversion layer also enables other public chains to communicate with the NULS main network, thereby indirectly communicating with other parallel chains in the NULS ecosystem.

    On March 28, 2019, the NULS core team has released the NULS 2.0Alpha version — PanGu v1.0. Even now, enterprises and individuals can carry out modular chain-building based on NULS2.0. The birth of Chain Factory in the future will further facilitate the process through the “one-click chain-building”. At that time, the multi-chain parallel will be possible in the NULS ecosystem, which will lay a solid foundation for the construction of the cross-chain ecosystem.


    1. Based on the micro-service architecture, NULS realizes the decoupling of modules in the code layer, with no restriction on the development language. The blockchain built on NULS will be equipped with good scalability, which is conducive to subsequent iteration and maintenance, and reduces the operation cost of the enterprise.

    2. NULS will develop the core product Chain Factory with the NULS module repository to utilize the “one-click chain-building” and help enterprises and developers build their own blockchain efficiently;

    3. NULS will accelerate the implementation of blockchain commercial applications through modular chain-building and “one-click chain-building”. There will be an environment of multi-chain parallels in NULS ecosystem, which is a solid foundation for the construction of NULS cross-chain ecosystem. In the future, NULS cross-chain solutions will realize the NULS cross-chain ecosystem of numerous chain intercommunications.


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    Steemit Portugal Community Sun, 08 Sep 2019 01:35:20 +0000 The project of all Portuguese users on the Steemit platform has arrived!
    The cryptocurrency that the Portuguese love.

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    The project of all Portuguese users on the Steemit platform has arrived! The cryptocurrency that the Portuguese love.


    This project has as main objective to promote the sustained growth of the Portuguese community in the Steemit platform, with the creation of a community account for the benefit of all members of the Portuguese community.

    The @steemitportugal account will be used for the benefit of the community, so that all members benefit from it in an equal and balanced way.

    The idea behind the project

    At the beginning of 2018 the following channels were created: Telegram Steemit Portugal, Share Portugal and Discord Portugal with the aim of bringing together all the Portuguese who use the Steemit platform, in order to share ideas and help all the new members. Over time, the community began to gain strength, and with it, we all grew.

    telegram steemit portugal
    discord steemit portugal

    Operating mode

    Taking into account the strength of a united Portuguese community, the idea was to create a community account, which belongs to all of us, and to vote in all members of the community, thus increasing the income in the publications of all members.

    A daily vote will be given to the articles of all members of the community, so as to encourage the creation of content in the community. The content can be written in Portuguese and English.

    stemit portugal

    Abusive content (articles of a sexual nature, offensive …) are removed from the community account. Our goal besides raising the rewards of all of us, is also to encourage the creation of more content in the community.


    The community account will have the support of its members in the growth of the SP, which will later be used for the benefit of the community.

    Any member, in solidarity, may delegate SP to the account, thus increasing the voting value given to all members (Value of Community vote 5% +% vote of the delegation).

    By voting daily in all members of the community, the account will receive curatorship, which will increase the SP and the respective votes.

    Delegation system

    • All users of the Steemit Portugal community will be entitled to equal 5% voting.
    • Those who delegate to the Steemit Portugal account will have an additional% of the SP delegated to the account.
    • The Steemit Portugal account will only give a daily vote to each user.

    Read this article:


    • February 2018 – Telegram Steemit Portugal
    • March 2018 – Discord Portugal
    • April 2018 – Share Portugal
    • June 2018 – Integration between Discord Portugal and Share Portugal
    • August 2018 – Platform Portuguese SteemPT
    • October 2018 – Creation of the Steemit Community account in Portugal
    • November 2018 – Dissemination and start of the project

    United we are stronger!

    steemit portugal

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    China new money Sat, 07 Sep 2019 08:19:22 +0000 Made in China is changing fast, the days where "Made In China" meant bad quality products are over! Made in China is turning into high-quality products.

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    China, the land of communism, the land of shady stuff, the land of… well, the scapegoat land actually! Yup, China nowadays is used as a scapegoat for almost everything, especially by US President Donald Trump and the western media. “If something happens, blame it on china” should be their motto. But is it that concerning? What if I told you it isn’t concerning… China isn’t even communist anymore. China nowadays is more capitalist than America.

    After World War 2 China struggled, a lot, a large portion of Chinese people were poor, starving, but this has all changed, especially in the last decades! China is one of the biggest economies right now. China did in a few decades what took the British almost a century, China industrialized a large portion of the country and is now the tech center of the world in terms of hardware and software.

    china new money

    Both Pudong and Shenzen went from being small towns in 1980 with Blacksmiths throughout the streets pounding metal day in day out, to being major cities with millions of people, giant building, incredible tech, and really fast development the likes humankind has never before seen.

    China was able to go from low levels of urbanization in 1980 where most of the population lived in small towns, to high levels of urbanization where 50% of the population lives in cities, and this number is supposed to grow to 75% in the near future. With this, hundreds of millions of people rose out of poverty, rose out of bad education, bad healthcare, bad infrastructures with no electricity, they rose to state of the art infrastructures.

    china new money

    Shenzen is now the capital of hardware, having some of the biggest companies there, Tencent, Alibaba, BYD, Dij, Huawei, Baidu, Taobao, etc…

    Having an authoritarian capitalistic regime enables China to develop much faster than the rest of the world, there are no bureaucracies, they do what they need to do as fast as they can, no changing regime and changing ideas every couple of years, China does 10, 20, 100 years plans!

    china new money

    China doesn’t use cash, they are far ahead of the rest of world, they all use WeChat, Alipay and other such apps on their cellphones that allow them to pay for anything by simply scanning a QR code! This is putting pickpockets out of business.

    China has employersless stores, giant automated car selling stores, a wide network of Bullet Trains, giant river boat elevators, giant powerplants, giant hydro plants and solar farms, everything in China is connected through face recognition, you walk into the restaurant the machine scans your face, detects who you are, you eat and in the end the machine sends you the bill directly to your app.

    china new money

    Made in China is changing fast, the days where “Made In China” meant bad quality products are over! Made in China is turning into high-quality products.

    And let’s not even talk about the “One Belt, One Road initiative”, an initiative that aims to bring back a modernized Silk Road, connecting China with Europe, growing both economies stronger in the process. While the US is isolating itself with walls, bombs and drones all over the place “ma gunz, amurica” , China is building roads to other countries and improving relations. A lot has changed since the days where the US built roads and China built Walls…

    china new money

    And this is why some of the biggest names in the investment world are looking towards China! Because China does in 5 years what the rest of the world does in 30 or 40 years. Because China is an untapped giant market with undervalued stocks all over, they are, at the current moment, the biggest e-commerce consumers in the world!

    china new money

    Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, the Gates, and many hedge fund managers are looking at china, big money has been and will move into China, in my honest opinion, investing in China is probably one of the biggest opportunities of our life-time! Don’t let the western media influence and push you around, don’t let what scared/lying presidents say scare you away of a possible ginormous ROI. Follow the money…

    But how and where to invest in China? Well… now this is a hard one. I’m mainly into cryptocurrencies at the moment, so I mostly know about cryptocurrencies and not the stock market.In crypto, there are some good well known Chinese focused cryptos.



    It’s so hard to find free-source specific crypto images

    IOST is one of them, I would call them the EOS of china but more decentralized, IOST even got an investment from Sequoia, one of the most known investing companies in the world, a company that invested in Paypal, Nvidea, Atari, etc… IOST allows for staking, so it allows for passive income.

    china new money

    This is my pearl, between all the altcoins, VeChain is my main investment. Vechain is a supply chain focused blockchain even though it is going to do more non-supply chain things, it is already working in many Walmarts in China and has ties with BYD, BMW, DNV GL, PwC, Deloitte, etc…



    HPB is a low cap coin, but it has legs to walk, run, sprint on. It has ties with Union Pay Smart a company that handles 80% of China’s transaction and is very near to deploying a UnionPay dapp on its chain, not only this but it has ties with many game companies that want to use the blockchain to deploy in-game items.

    There are other Chinese cryptos like NEO, ONT, MatrixAI, NULS, but I don’t know enough about them.



    I’m not that well knowledged about how to invest in Chinese stocks, and since I’m not intending to go that route(yet) I haven’t done enough research to formulate a good opinion, but I’ve heard good things about KraneShares, it seems they are an investment firm that connects westerns with the Chinese market, having many stock products for sale, they can probably help out with diversified investment plan in China.

    I would go for dividend stocks, real estate and a small portion in startups and small businesses, more risk but also more reward.

    If you are interested in China, you should watch this youtube clip:


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    ]]> 0 China new money - Steemit Portugal China, the land of communism, the land of shady stuff, the land of... well, the scapegoat land actually! Yup, China nowadays is used as a scapegoat for almost everything, especially by US President Donald Trump and the western media. "If something happens, blame it on china" should be their motto. B China new money china new money china new money china new money china new money china new money china new money cryptocurrencies china new money unionpay stocks
    Portugal Will Not Tax Crypto Trading And Payments Fri, 06 Sep 2019 13:19:59 +0000 Portugal, my country, a country where I've lived for 25 years, I love this country! Portuguese people are "a jack of all trades, and master of many", but we had an issue in the past which slowed down our growth...

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    Portugal, my country, a country where I’ve lived for 25 years, I love this country! Portuguese people are “a jack of all trades, and master of many”, but we had an issue in the past which slowed down our growth…

    We had a dictatorship until 1974, and it took some decades for us to bounce back from it. Before the dictatorship was thrown down we had almost no industry, we produced most of our own food, but almost no industry… so we jumped many economic revolutions ahead when the dictatorship was thrown down.

    run crypto

    Portugal wasn’t seen as a good country to live in, or even to develop your own business for many decades. We were able to barely get on the dotcom revolution but we were still trying to catch up to the other countries. But this is all changing…we finally caught on to rest of the world!

    At the moment Portugal is probably one of the most Crypto friendly places in the world, right next to Malta, Puerto Rico, Singapura, etc… One of the best places to invest your time and crypto! Let me explain why:


    tax portugal

    We have no income taxes on cryptos, that means any crypto business, node, enthusiast, etc… that comes to Portugal won’t have any taxation when using their crypto, this means that we are one of the best countries for crypto startups to grow roots on and invest. And we probably won’t have any taxes for many many more moons, if ever…

    And this was something said by official entities: coinbeat article about it.



    English, the most used language in the business world comes easy to Portuguese people, we are taught English since 4th grade and come in contact with it very often considering we don’t like to translate everything.

    So, any crypto startup that comes to Portugal to invest in the country and to develop their business won’t face any language barrier problems, most of us know English well enough to have a normal dialogue, some (like me), know English better than Portuguese.

    Internet Speed

    computers crypto

    Internet speed is very important in the crypto world, between trading and mining your internet speed needs to be the best in order for you to get an edge over the other traders, miners, and startups.

    Portugal has a really good internet speed if you stick to the right internet providers for your zone, and it isn’t that expensive, at least that’s what every foreigner and expat tells me, we have really good cables and really good internet providers.

    We also don’t tend to have issues with illegal downloads… Download away without using a VPN, no one will bother you.

    Beaches and landscape prime for Real Estate

    beach portugal

    Everyone needs to chill down, even crypto enthusiasts, there is nothing better than ending the day with a good run on the beach or run in the forest, Portugal has it all.

    Portuguese beaches are some of the best beaches in the world, especially if you stick to less known beaches that no one goes to, if you live in a place long enough you will get to know these less known beaches and won’t ever be bothered by large crowds.

    houses portugal

    We also have all types of landscape, from north to south we have snowy mountains like Serra Da Estrela, green mountains full of gorgeous landscape like Serra do Geres, we have huge fields of farmland in Alentejo, we have it all…

    All this beautiful, gorgeous, landscape is in need of Real estate investing, so, any real estate investors should look towards Portugal for the next booming real estate economy. Especially now that we got our own REITs (real estate investment trust)!

    Green Energy

    solar portugal

    I’ve seen a lot of crypto startups trying to remove the intermediary between energy providers and consumers by using blockchain tech, these will, in the long run, incentivize green energy consumption… Well, Portugal is one of the best countries for green energy, we’ve already lived off of our own green energy production for days and we plan to expand the renewable energy field, we have the hydro plants needed to store all the European’s surplus energy production and we have one of the sunniest countries in Europe.

    Any crypto startup in the energy field should invest and develop in Portugal.

    Young Population

    study portugal

    Our teens and young adults are bright minds, we have people working in every field and tech around the world and our universities tend to pump out really good professionals. We had some issues in the past that forced some of the young population to go live and work in other countries, but most of the emigrants are eager to come back and work in Portugal. Trust me, we love the world, but there is nothing like coming back to our own little corner of the world…

    Our teens and young adults are also very prone to accept and improve new tech, we like to try new things and we are very open-minded about almost everything.

    And I won’t even talk about the next generation in power, Millenials saw 2008 happening, it hit Portugal really bad, Millenials have a burning desire to make Portugal the best place it can be, we love our little place in the world, no matter where we are…

    The older population is still very backward’s thinking and sometimes delays the development and adoption of new tech and new ways, but with time even this will change.


    learn cryptocurrency

    Most of our old generation wasn’t very entrepreneur-friendly, but this is changing fast with the new generation, we are starting to see startups everywhere, tech everywhere, we are even developing our own tech hub city up north, and it probably won’t be the only one.

    And tech-entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones popping up all over the place, all types and forms of entrepreneurs and investors are appearing all over the place!

    All in all, Portugal is developing and trying to catch as much of this Crypto Revolution as it can. I’m biased of course, but I like to think that I know my country, I really believe Portugal is a place that any crypto startup or real estate investor should be looking into, to invest, to develop, to grow roots, to expand, I really can’t see any negatives for any startup that wants to develop in Portugal, we don’t have any crypto taxes, what else can a startup want?

    And it seems I’m not the only one that thinks this way:

    CZ – CEO of binance also agrees:



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